Birds choose best building materials

16/04/14 7:33 AM

(BBC) Birds can learn to choose the best building materials for their nests, according to scientists.

It was previously thought that birds' choice of nest material was determined by their genes - with each type of bird having an "innate nest template".

But an experiment has now shown this to be a more cognitively complex activity.

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QF2.jpg Journals Primed For World Stage

16/04/14 7:24 AM

When, the publishing platform of Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation (BQF), was first launched on 13 December 2010, it signified the realization of Qatar Foundation’s (QF’s) ongoing commitment to bring research from the region to the widest possible audience.

Arend Küster, Acting Director, BQF, explains how the publisher highlights QF’s research to an international audience.

“We started from scratch; when I joined in 2010 we didn’t have a journal or any procedures, so we needed to create all of that from the beginning.

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QF And QNL Hold Puppet Makers Event

16/04/14 7:20 AM

Qatar National Library (QNL) and Qatar Foundation (QF) Community Services, in association with Qatar Museums Authority, held a Puppet Makers event for children aged 4-11 on 20 February.

Children were invited to QF’s Community and Recreation Center to make their own puppets from paper plates, colored paper, feathers, and other craft materials.

The children made puppets to take home, but also had the opportunity to use them to tell stories in a puppet theater at the AaQool Atrium in the Community and Recreation Center.

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FDA approves GSK's Tanzeum to treat type 2 diabetes

16/04/14 7:18 AM

(Reuters) - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved GlaxoSmithKline Plc's Tanzeum injection for treating adults with type 2 diabetes, in combination with diet and exercise.

Tanzeum will carry a warning on its label that tumors of the thyroid gland were observed in rodent studies with some drugs belonging to the same class. However, it is unknown whether Tanzeum causes thyroid C-cell tumors, the FDA said on its website. (

The regulator also asked for post-marketing studies to test the drug's dosing, efficacy and safety in children, and to check for heart-related risks.

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  • Bulgarian President, Rosen Plevneliev to QFRadio ”We will send a very strong signal that Bulgaria and Qatar have a strong partnership and willing to extend it.”
  • President Blaise Compaore to QFRadio: We believe that it is through knowledge that the world is going to make progress and solidarity is going to help the world to be a better place.